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Test bench for overcurrent protection devices

test bench for overcurrent protection devices - ITHPP

test bench for overcurrent protection devices - ITHPP

ITHPP design and develop test benches to specification that are capable of replicating the effects of short-circuiting the latest generation of batteries.

  • Current amplitude : 0 to 30 kA
  • Voltage : 0 à 1100 V
  • Stocked energy : 250 kJ
  • Stray inductance : < 1 µH
  • Shot frequency : 1 shot every 3 minutes (full energy shots)
  • Overall dimensions : 1200 × 1860 × 2200 mm3 (lxLxh) 

The emphasis is on ergonomics and user safety. The discharge parameters are modular without having to intervene within the test bench thanks to high current relay developed by ITHPP. The HMI indicates with precision, depending on the input settings, the discharge parameters. This leads to a substantial gain in time during the preparation phase of experiments. (Ex: Assembly time, width of impulses, max current, remaining current, length of max current and any other parameter on request).

The bench is equipped with a shielded test chamber, non-flammable and has a flue system to eliminate any risk related to a defect of the system under test.