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Counter Drone Systems

Protect your vulnerable/sensitive sites from drone incursions

Counter drone systems - ITHPP

Counter Drone Systems

Protect your vulnerable/sensitive sites from drone incursions

Counter drone systems - ITHPP

Often classified as leisure and entertainment devices, drones can easily be diverted for malevolent purposes and constitute a threat:

  • Threat of espionage by transporting information-gathering equipment
  • Threat of dropping illicit objects, e.g.  in a penitentiary centre
  • Risk of collision with inflight aircraft
  • Terrorist threat by transporting explosive devices

The vast majority of sensitive sites are vulnerable to an attack and the fight against drone incursions has become a critical issue.

ITHPP offers a range of mobile or fixed UAV solutions

Based on the transmission of radio frequency waves, the device jams the communication protocol used by the drone. Thereby neutralizing the threat from a safe distance. Our counter drone solution, designed with the protection of civilians, defence personnel and sensitive sites in mind, is one of the most efficient and easy to use systems.

The lightest system on the market: DRONE SNIPER

DRONE SNIPER, the lightest portable directive system on the market (less than 2kg), can be fitted to most weapon systems that have a picatinny rail. It can also be fitted to an ergonomic support for a  more civilian use.

Its range is beyond 1km, making it one of the most powerful. Simple to use, it does not require any formal training, any user will be operational in under 5 minutes.

Stationary device: Drone Dome

The static system, Drone Dome, that can complement the portable system facilitates 360-degree protection, generating credible protection from any intrusion, including against multidirectional  swarm attacks.

This system secures your site by creating a « NO FLY AIRSPACE » with an adjustable radius from 1 to 4 km depending on the size of the site to be protected. This solution is scalable to suite the topography of your site; ITHPP provides its clients with specific analysis for the implantation of the system.                       

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