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Repetitive High Pulsed Power generators

ITHPP sells a wide range of repetitive very high peak power pulsed generators. These generators are usually used to power HPM (High Power Microwaves) laboratory sources.

With their design based on a Tesla Transformer, these High Pulsed Power generators do not require any pulse forming line to deliver the trapezoidal-shaped pulse which is generally suitable for the HPM sources. This makes them quite different from Marx generators, which are also classically used for these applications. They are built for robustness, reliability and ease of use.

These generators offer exceptional performances :

  • Peak voltage up to 700kV (or even more)
  • Pulse duration : from 5ns to 100ns
  • Pulse repetition frequency (PRF) : up to 200Hz
Repetitive high peak power generator 450kV - 25nsRepetitive high peak power generator 450kV - 100nsRepetitive high peak power generator 350kV - 10ns