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Pulsed Electron beam for IN-LINE sterilization

ITHPP developed an in-line packaging sterilizer based on a pulsed electron beam technology to replace chemical based process. Thanks to its unique parameters (pulsed power, high dose rate), this equipment allows to reduce operating costs (low energy consumption) whilst increasing production rates (very fast technology).

Main features:

  • High efficiency: less than 25 kGy for relevant bacteria
  • Short cycles, high throughput capabilities - 60 000 units/h
  • On-line and integrated at customer’s production line
  • Remote control - easy integration in customer’s process
  • Low beam energy - safe use, on/off switch, light shielding
  • Operating costs reduction
  • Dry process, no waste management
  • Compactness

This machine is designed to be integrated into the customer's industrial process in the fields of:

  • pharmaceutical industry 
  • cosmetics 
  • food and beverage 

ITHPP provides their clients with a laboratory equipped with a 250 keV e-beam machine and also a biological laboratory where tests on specific micro-organisms (classe1) can be carried out.

Pulsed Electron beam for IN-LINE sterilization