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15 Apr 2022

Involved in scientific and industrial research, ITHPP has been supporting the thesis work of PhD students for many years.

29 Mar 2022

ITHPP presents its latest generator, "electro pulsed crushing system (EPCS)", developed for the selective fragmentation of material by electrical discharges.

Designed to fragment ores, WEEE as well as glass, ITHPP's EPCS solution can reduce samples from 15cm to 100µm. With its 5 processing bowls with a capacity of 2 kg each, it offers the possibility of continuously processing up to 100kg in an 8-hour day for some materials.

14 Jun 2021
Logo BETA BEAMS , an ITHP trademark


ITHPP, launches its brand, BETA BEAMS to support its growth and visibility on the market of industrial electron accelerators

BETA BEAMS, integrated electron beam treatment on production line

Historically developed for Defense and Research, pulsed power has progressively demonstrated its interest in num

30 Apr 2021

Within the framework of a partnership with

10 Dec 2020

SOFI, “Système d’Onde Foudre Indirecte”, developed for the Direction Générale de l’Armement


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from 10 to 12 oct 2022
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