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ITHPP strengthens its expertise in microbiology

19 Feb 2020

Soutenance de thèse C. Lamarche

ITHPP continues its extensive R&D policy by supporting multiple PhD students in their studies.

As part of its industrial sterilization activity by pulsed electron beams and in collaboration with the IPBS laboratory (Institut de Pharmacologie et de Biologie Structurale), ITHPP supported the thesis of one of its engineers in microbiology on the subject  « Compréhension de l'efficacité bactéricide de différentes technologies de haute puissance pulsée ». Despite proving the bactericidal effect of electron beams, questions remain around the mechanisms responsible for the bacterial inactivation. ITHPP teams now understand electron beam generators and their effectiveness. They are in a better position to respond to customer enquiries about the mechanisms leading to the bactericidal effect.

Our PhD graduate in Microbiology continues her assignments in dosimetry studies and dose mapping on products.  She also works in collaboration with the team responsible for simulations to determine machine parameters specific to customer products.