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ITHPP proceeds further its policy for supporting research and strengthens its expertise in the field of high power microwaves.

15 Apr 2022

Soutenance de thèse Mohamad Majed - mars 2022 ITHPP

Involved in scientific and industrial research, ITHPP has been supporting the thesis work of PhD students for many years.

Within the the framework of a CIFRE convention between Xlim research laboratory, in Limoges,  and ITHPP, Mohamad Majed, Doctor of Physics, successfully defended his PhD work "Contribution to the study of new concepts of agile, high gain and very wide band planar antennas. Integration in high power industrial radiating systems". He particularly studied a new type of planar antenna with beam agility, called MARPEM (Matrice Agile Rayonnante à Pixels Élaborés en Métamatériaux). This antenna is made of joint arrangements of “pixels”: small cavities close by semi-reflective surface.  Intended for use in military equipment (directed energy weapons) for neutralizing drones and stopping vehicles, the efficiency, flexibility and maintenance of this new type of antenna have been identified as some of its main assets.

Following the completion of his PhD, while engaged in his research work in the high power microwave with the ITHPP team, Mohamad Majed contributes to the development of drone neutralisation equipment. Congratulations to the new Doctor.