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ITHPP launches its new brand BETA BEAMS

14 Jun 2021

Logo BETA BEAMS , an ITHP trademark


ITHPP, launches its brand, BETA BEAMS to support its growth and visibility on the market of industrial electron accelerators

BETA BEAMS, integrated electron beam treatment on production line

Historically developed for Defense and Research, pulsed power has progressively demonstrated its interest in numerous civilian applications. With BETA BEAMS, ITHPP intends to offer industry, particularly the pharmaceutical sector, installations for the decontamination or sterilization of products, using electron beams. This equipment can be integrated directly into production lines.

A production site in line with the industrial challenges

In order to meet the extremely complex needs of its customers, BETA BEAMS has opted for the integration of all its services: the development, assembly and testing of equipment will be carried out on the same site. The premises have been designed to meet the constraints and health requirements of an industrial environment. Sophisticated equipment, a test chamber, as well as an ISO 8 clean room will enable BETA BEAMS to provide reliable, secure installations in line with the applicable industrial standards.

To support the deployment of its brand, ITHPP has invested in an industrial site at Donzenac in Corrèze, (South-West of France). Located in the immediate vicinity of communication axes (motorways and airport), the industrial site will be operational from September 2021.


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