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Maintenance and operation of High Pulsed Power systems

Responsiveness, Skills, Confidentiality

ITHPP offers its skills to operate and maintain the High Pulsed Power (HPP) facilities of its clients.

ITHPP is able to work on equipment developed by ITHPP or by third parties on your site or in its own facilities.

Skills in:

  • High Pulsed Power;
  • High Power Microwaves;
  • pulsed electric and electromagnetic measurements;
  • control command;
  • vacuum operation;
  • mechanics;
  • numerical simulations (electric, magnetostatic, magneto dynamic, electrostatic, magneto hydro dynamic 3D).
Sphinx high current LTD generator High Pulsed Power "GEPI" insetropic compression generator High Pulsed Power Lightning generator High Power Microwaves