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Linear Transformer Driver

LTD (Linear Transformer Driver) technology makes it possible to drive the load directly without any additional forming of the pulse. The output pulses can have a duration of between 1 µs and less than 100 ns, voltages over a megavolt and/or currents exceeding one megaampere).

Simple, compact and modular, this technology is perfectly suited to numerous research applications where a large current or voltage is needed:

  • plasma physics with a large range of densities and temperatures;
  • study of intense particle beams;
  • creation of extreme conditions in matter.

With a principle similar to that used in the IVA (Inductive Voltage Adder), LTD technology has a number of advantages:

  • compactness;
  • limited requirements for utilities;
  • modularity and simplicity;
  • adaptability to a broad range of load impedances;
  • reduced manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs.


A stack of Linear Transformer Driver cavitiesFast Linear Transformer Driver cavityThe LTD Sphinx generator