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High Pulsed Power is a range of technologies making it possible to dramatically amplify the power delivered to a load by decreasing the duration of the pulse. Because energy is the result of power multiplied by time, by keeping energy constant and decreasing the duration of the pulse, it is possible to reach extremely high power levels.

ITHPP manufactures systems that can deliver currents as high as several million amperes, voltages as high as several million volts over times as short as a few hundred billionths of a second. Power can therefore be more than hundreds of gigawatts.

These technologies were developed in the 1920s with the design of Marx generators, which use capacitive energy storage. Since then, new concepts have emerged such as IVA (Inductive Voltage Adder) or LTD (Linear Transformer Driver).

Generally speaking, High Pulsed Power technologies are used to design systems for research in physics, especially nuclear physics. However, industrial applications are now emerging.