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Capacitor bank module

Capacitor bank module - ITHPP

Capacitor bank module - ITHPP

ITHPP designs and manufactures energy banks suited to its customers’ needs in terms of charging voltage, stored energy, duration and shape of the pulse, number of successive pulses, operating frequency and environment of usage.

These benches provide all the functions necessary for their use, maintenance and safety. This includes storage of electrical power in capacitor banks, switching and tripping, pulse shaping, capacitor charging, system control and associated safety functions.This know-how can be made available to customers with specific needs in areas such as:

  • High power lasers;
  • study of magnetic fields;
  • pulsed electric fields;
  • pulsed magnetic fields.

ITHPP offer tailored solutions or a fully new design taking into account these needs in terms of performance, safety, robustness and ease of handling.