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ITHPP designs, develops, manufactures, tests and operates High Pulsed Power and High Power Microwave systems.

The potential applications for these technologies are numerous. Although defense applications are historically the drivers for technology development, recent scientific conferences are filled with exciting civilian applications which are currently under development in many different laboratories and companies.

Based on the customer’s specifications, ITHPP designs and manufactures installations which are generally very innovative and often used for scientific research. These projects are regularly presented in international scientific publications.

Furthermore, ITHPP has developed other industrial activities, including manufacturing of small or medium-sized series of specific components, or the maintenance and operation of large systems.

The competences of ITHPP personnel are very broad, including in particular plasma physics, electromagnetism and power electronics. Specific and suitable technical resources are also available on site in Thegra to ensure maximum responsiveness for our customers.

Machining partsA series of High Coulomb SwitchesMechanical design of prototypes Assembling an LTD cavityNumerical simulation of the flow of current in an ICE load