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Isentropic compression

ITHPP is the only company in the world to have developed a range of generators to achieve isentropic compression experiments (ICE). These tests are dedicated to the study of the behavior of materials under extreme dynamic pressure.

It’s possible to use these facilities to accelerate projectiles above 10 km/s, a velocity that cannot be achieved by other experimental means. This capability makes it possible to study hypervelocity impacts applied to the following areas:

  • space: impact of micrometeoroids on satellites;
  • defence & security: development of new shielding;
  • physics of explosives;
  • materials: determination of state equations at very high pressures (of the order of 1 million bar).

This knowledge can be made available to customers with specific needs to which ITHPP may propose tailored solutions or a fully new design taking into account these needs in terms of performance, safety, ease of handling…

"GEPI" isentropic compression generator"CEPAGE" isentropic compression generator