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Rock Fracturing

Rock fracturing - ITHPP

Rock Fracturing

Rock fracturing - ITHPP

Strengthened by the experience of designing and developing high pulsed power systems, ITHPP has developed mining industry applications, such as fracturing and comminution. 

These solutions offer significant cost savings and provide safer working environments by eliminating the need for pyrotechnics. In addition, these devices do not require the use of any chemicals and are therefore more respectful of the environment.


Current fragmenting techniques of large blocks of rock present many constraints and restrictions due to the use of explosives. ITHPP offers solutions based on electrical impulses that achieve similar effects to explosives without the inherent risks and constraints generated by the use of dynamite, such as pollution and long wait times.


Of all the processes, comminution is the most energy consuming operation in the treatment of mineral ore. 

ITHPP has developed a method based on the use of shockwaves generated by electric discharge: Electro Pulsed Crushing System (EPCS).

  • Economical process (reduces electrical consumption from 5 to 15%).
  • Separation of minerals from the gangue to improve downstream processes.
  • Significant reduction in pollution thanks to conventional tools.




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