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High Coulomb Switch (HCS)

ITHPP proposes a range of rapid closing switches (High Coulomb Switch: HCS) specifically designed and suited for energy banks involving the transfer of high electrical charges.

The electrical arc created at the closing of the switch runs along the electrodes. The imposed displacement of the electrical arc limits the erosion of the electrodes which dramatically increases the lifetime of the switch.

These switches offer exceptional performance:

  • transferred charges up to 70 Coulombs;
  • operating voltages between 15 kV and 50 kV;
  • maximum current: 250 kA;
  • lifetime: more than 30,000 cycles without maintenance.

This knowledge can be made available to customers with specific needs to which ITHPP may propose tailored solutions or a fully new design taking into account these needs in terms of performance, safety, ease of handling…

7C High Coulomb Switcheshigh voltage switch