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Specific High Pulsed Power Components

Composants spécifiques Haute Puissance Pulsée - ITHPP

Specific High Pulsed Power Components

Composants spécifiques Haute Puissance Pulsée - ITHPP

ITHPP has developed a large range of components and instruments adapted to High Pulsed Power.


A fast switching specialist, ITHPP offers a range of tailored switches to fit the requirements of our customers.

The key parameters to be defined to select the optimized solution are:

  • Operating voltage
  • Maximum current
  • Transferred charge (number of coulombs)
  • Pulse duration
  • Acceptable jitter
  • Operating frequency
  • Available volume

ITHPP can deliver gas switches (all types of spark gaps), vacuum switches (thyratrons or pseudospark), or solid switches.

Measurement sensors

In addition to their array of standards sensors,  ITHPP can develop and provide made-to-order sensors based on client specifications:

  • Compact resistive dividers
  • Capacitive divider
  • Rogowsky coils

High power charge and dump tanks

ITHPP, a manufacturing leader of HPP components has developed a wide range of charge and dump tanks. The tanks are optimized to meet client requirements concerning charging voltage and the energy to be dissipated.

The tanks contribute to the safety of the systems under voltage and as a consequence the safety of the operators. They also ensure the protection of the power supply during the pulse discharge.

ITHPP designs charge and dump tanks to specification for high power devices from 0 to 100 kV.

Pre-magnetized bays

Developed especially for ITHPP LTD generators, the pre-magnetized bays allow the optimization of magnetic performances used to increase voltage. They can also be adapted to serve as pulse current sources with a maximum amplitude of a few kA and a quarter of a period of a few dozens to a few hundreds of microseconds.  down to tenths and hundredths of microseconds.

Other specific components

Passive components:

  • High Voltage resistors
  • High Voltage capacitors
  • High Voltage diodes.

Active components:

  • Triggers
  • Synchronization generator

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